We can take your token to the top
Increase the token liquidity with our market-making service
What is the biggest trouble for every ICO?
To be listed on CoinMarketCap!

This requires a minimum $100 000 daily trading volume on exchanges. If you are not there yet we have a solution.

How it works:
Lease you tokens
to us under the market-making agreement
We make volume
on any exchanges you are listed on
The order book depth is maintained
at all times with a combined trading volume above $100 000
Healthy trading volume
indicates the ICO's stability and allows the token to be accepted on CoinMarketCap
High volumes and listing on CoinMarketCap make your project more noticeable and trustworthy, attracting more partners, investors and traders. This will create a higher demand for the token and drive its price up.
How are we better?

Unique trading algorithms
developed to guarantee high token liquidity
Professional team
10 traders with 5+ years of experience take care of the whole process from start to finish
we can boost any token, regardless of the starting volume, on both centralized and decentralized exchanges
we maintain a thick order book 24/7 for any period of time
Successful cases
we helped 7 ICO projects to achieve their goals
Cost of services
Choose one of the packages depending on the total token trading volume per week you need
minimum package
$70 000 total volume
3,5 ETH per week
stable package
$175 000 total volume
7 ETH per week (20% discount)
standart package
$450 000 total volume
16 ETH per week (30% discount)
full package
$700 000 total volume
21 ETH per week (40% discount)
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